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Coking and Activity of Solid Acid Alkylation Catalysts in Supercritical Reaction Media
Grant Number R824729
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1995)

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Journal Article Clark MC, Subramaniam B. 1-hexene isomerization on a Pt/γ-Al2O3 catalyst: the dramatic effects of feed peroxides on catalyst activity. Chemical Engineering Science 1996;51(10):2369-2377. R824729 (Final)
Journal Article Clark MC, Subramaniam B. Extended alkylate production activity during fixed-bed supercritical 1-butene/isobutane alkylation on solid acid catalysts using carbon dioxide as diluent. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 1998;37(4):1243-1250. R824729 (Final)
Journal Article Clark MC, Subramaniam B. Kinetics on a supported catalyst at supercritical, nondeactivating conditions. AIChE Journal 1999;45(7):1559-1565. R824729 (Final)
R826034 (2001)
Journal Article Fan L, Nakamura I, Ishida S, Fujimoto K. Supercritical-phase alkylation reaction on solid acid catalysts: mechanistic study and catalyst development. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 1997;36(5):1458-1463. R824729 (Final)
Journal Article Savage PE, Gopalan S, Mizan TI, Martino CJ, Brock EE. Reactions at supercritical conditions: applications and fundamentals. AIChE Journal 1995;41(7):1723-1778. R824729 (Final)
Journal Article Simpson MF, Wei J, Sundaresan S. Kinetic analysis of isobutane/butene alkylation over ultrastable H-Y zeolite. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 1996;35(11):3861-3873. R824729 (Final)