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Opportunities Offered by Indium-Promoted Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions in Water
Grant Number R824725
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (1995)
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Journal Article Bernardelli P, Paquette LA. Stereoselective indium-promoted allylation of γ-hydroxy-γ-lactones under aqueous conditions. The neighboring carboxyl effect. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1997;62(24):8284-8285 (letter). R824725 (Final)
Journal Article Isaac MB, Paquette LA. Experimental test of setting three contiguous stereogenic centers in water. Diastereoselective coupling of geometrically biased allylic bromides to α-oxy aldehydes with indium. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1997;62(16):5333-5338. R824725 (Final)
Journal Article Karangu NT, Rezac ME, Beckham HW. Synthesis and properties of processable polyimides containing diacetylene groups. Chemistry of Materials 1998;10(2):567-573. R824725 (Final)
R824727 (Final)
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Journal Article Paquette LA, Lobben PC. π-Facial diastereoselection in the 1,2-addition of allylmetal reagents to 2-methoxycyclohexanone and tetrahydrofuranspiro-(2-cyclohexanone). Journal of the American Chemical Society 1996;118(8):1917-1930. R824725 (Final)
Journal Article Paquette LA, Mitzel TM, Isaac MB, Crasto CF, Schomer WW. Diastereoselection during 1,2-addition of the allylindium reagent to α-thia and α-amino aldehydes in aqueous and organic solvents. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1997;62(13):4293-4301. R824725 (Final)
Journal Article Paquette LA, Isaac MB. Diastereoselective indium-promoted addition of functionalized allyl bromides to N-benzyl-2,3-azetidinedione under aqueous conditions. Heterocycles 1998;47(1):107-110. R824725 (Final)
Journal Article Paquette LA, Bennett GD, Isaac MB, Chhatriwalla A. Effective 1,4-asymmetric C-C/C-O stereoinduction in indium-promoted coupling reactions of aldehydes to protected and unprotected [1-(bromomethyl)vinyl] alkanols. The status of intramolecular chelation within functionalized allylindium reagents. Journal of Organic Chemistry 1998;63(6):1836-1845. R824725 (Final)
Journal Article Paquette LA, Mitzel TM. Addition of allylindium reagents to aldehydes substituted at Cα or Cβ with heteroatomic functional groups. Analysis of the modulation in diastereoselectivity attainable in aqueous, organic, and mixed solvent systems. Journal of the American Chemical Society 1996;118(8):1931-1937. R824725 (Final)
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