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Community Based Risk Assessment of Exposure to Contaminants via Water Sources on the Crow Reservation in Montana
Grant Number R833706
RFA: Issues in Tribal Environmental Research and Health Promotion: Novel Approaches for Assessing and Managing Cumulative Risks and Impacts of Global Climate Change (2007)
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Journal Article Christopher S, Saha R, Lachapelle P, Jennings D, Colclough Y, Cooper C, Cummins C, Eggers MJ, FourStar K, Harris K, Kuntz SW, LaFromboise V, LaVeaux D, McDonald T, Real Bird J, Rink E, Webster L. Applying indigenous community-based participatory research principles to partnership development in health disparities research. Family and Community Health 2011;34(3):246-255. R833706 (2011)
R833706 (Final)
Journal Article Cummins C, Doyle J, Kindness L, Lefthand MJ, Bear Don’t Walk UJ, Bends A, Broadaway SC, Camper AK, Fitch R, Ford TE, Hamner S, Morrison AR, Richards CL, Young SL, Eggers MJ. Community-based participatory research in Indian country: improving health through water quality research and awareness. Family & Community Health 2010;33(3):166-174. R833706 (2009)
R833706 (2010)
R833706 (Final)
Journal Article Doyle JT, Redsteer MH, Eggers MJ. Exploring effects of climate change on Northern Plains American Indian health. Climatic Change 2013;120(3):643-655. R833706 (Final)
Journal Article Eggers MJ, Moore-Nall AL, Doyle JT, Lefthand MJ, Young SL, Bends AL, Crow Environmental Health Steering Committee, Camper AK. Potential health risks from uranium in home well water: an investigation by the Apsaalooke (Crow) Tribal Research Group. Geosciences 2015;5(1):67-94. R833706 (Final)
R835594 (2015)
R835594 (2018)
Journal Article Hamner S, Broadaway SC, Berg E, Stettner S, Pyle BH, Big Man N, Old Elk J, Eggers MJ, Doyle J, Kindness L, Good Luck B, Ford TE, Camper AC. Detection and source tracking of Escherichia coli, harboring intimin and Shiga toxin genes, isolated from the Little Bighorn River, Montana. International Journal of Environmental Health Research 2014;24(4):341-362. R833706 (Final)
Journal Article Richards CL, Buchholz BJ, Ford TE, Broadaway SC, Pyle BH, Camper AK. Optimizing the growth of stressed Helicobacter pylori. Journal of Microbiological Methods 2011;84(2):174-182. R833706 (Final)
Journal Article Richards CL, Broadaway SC, Eggers MJ, Doyle J, Pyle BH, Camper AK, Ford TE. Detection of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in drinking water and associated biofilms on the Crow Reservation, Montana, USA. Microbial Ecology 2015:12 pp. R833706 (Final)