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Framework for Context-Sensitive Spatially- and Temporally-Resolved Onroad Mobile Source Emission Inventories
Grant Number R834550
RFA: Novel Approaches to Improving Air Pollution Emissions Information (2009)
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Journal Article Anya AR, Rouphail NM, Frey HC, Schroeder B. Application of AIMSUN microsimulation model to estimate emissions on signalized arterial corridors. Transportation Research Record 2014;2428(2):75-86. R834550 (Final)
Journal Article Liu B, Frey HC. Variability in light-duty gasoline vehicle emission factors from trip-based real-world measurements. Environmental Science & Technology 2015;49(20):12525-12534. R834550 (Final)
Journal Article Liu B, Frey HC. Measurement and evaluation of real-world speed and acceleration activity envelopes for light-duty vehicles. Transportation Research Record 2015;2503:128-136. R834550 (Final)
Journal Article Salamati K, Coelho MC, Fernandes PJ, Rouphail NM, Frey HC, Bandeira J. Emissions estimation at multilane roundabouts: effects of movement and approach lane. Transportation Research Record 2014;2389:12-21. R834550 (Final)
Journal Article Taylor J, Zhou X, Rouphail NM, Porter RJ. Method for investigating intradriver heterogeneity using vehicle trajectory data:a dynamic time warping approach. Transportation Research Part B-Methodological 2015;73:59-80. R834550 (Final)
Journal Article Zhou X, Tanvir S, Lei H, Taylor J, Liu B, Rouphail NM, Frey HC. Integrating a simplified emission estimation model and mesoscopic dynamic traffic simulator to efficiently evaluate emission impacts of traffic management strategies. Transportation Research Part D-Transport and Environment 2015;37:123-136. R834550 (Final)