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Predicting Relative Risk of Invasion by Saltcedar and Mud Snails in River Networks Under Different Scenarios of Climate Change and Dam Operations in the Western United States
Grant Number R833833
RFA: Ecological Impacts from the Interactions of Climate Change, Land Use Change and Invasive Species: A Joint Research Solicitation - EPA, USDA (2007)
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Journal Article Auerbach DA, Poff NL. Spatiotemporal controls of simulated metacommunity dynamics in dendritic networks. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 2011;30(1):235-251. R833833 (2010)
R833833 (2011)
R833833 (Final)
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Journal Article McShane RR, Auerbach DA, Friedman JM, Auble GT, Shafroth PB, Merigliano MF, Scott ML, Poff NL. Distribution of invasive and native riparian woody plants across the western USA in relation to climate, river flow, floodplain geometry and patterns of introduction. Ecography 2015;38(12):1254-1265. R833833 (2012)
R833833 (Final)
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