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Interaction of Climate Change, Landuse and Invasive Species: Tests of Contrasting Management Scenarios for Coastal Communities
Grant Number R833838
RFA: Ecological Impacts from the Interactions of Climate Change, Land Use Change and Invasive Species: A Joint Research Solicitation - EPA, USDA (2007)
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Journal Article Lord J, Whitlatch R. Inducible defenses in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica Gmelin in response to the presence of the predatory oyster drill Urosalpinx cinerea Say in Long Island Sound. Marine Biology 2012;159(6):1177-1182. R833838 (Final)
Journal Article Munguia P, Osman R, Hamilton J, Whitlatch R, Zajac R. Changes in habitat heterogeneity alter marine sessile benthic communities. Ecological Applications 2011;21(3):925-935. R833838 (2011)
R833838 (Final)
Journal Article Munguia P, Osman RW, Hamilton J, Whitlatch RB, Zajac RN. Modeling of priority effects and species dominance in Long Island Sound benthic communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2010;413:229-240. R833838 (2011)
Journal Article Osman, R.W., P. Munguia, R.B. Whitlatch, R.N. Zajac and J. Hamilton. Thresholds and multiple community states in marine fouling communities:integrating natural history with management strategies. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2010;413:277-289. R833838 (2011)
R833838 (Final)
Journal Article Reinhardt JF, Stefaniak LM, Hudson DM, Mangiafico J, Gladych R, Whitlatch RB. First record of the non-native light bulb tunicate Clavelina lepadiformis (Muller, 1776) in the northwest Atlantic. Aquatic Invasions 2010;5(2):185-190. R833838 (2010)
R833838 (2011)
R833838 (Final)
Journal Article Reinhardt J, Gallagher KL, Stefaniak LM, Nolan R, Shaw MT, Whitlatch RB. Material properties of Didemnum vexillum and prediction of tendril fragmentation. Marine Biology 2012;159(12):2875-2884. R833838 (Final)
Journal Article Westerman EL, Whitlatch R, Dijkstra JA, Harris LG. Variation in brooding period masks similarities in response to changing temperatures. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2009;391:13-19. R833838 (2008)
R833838 (2009)
R833838 (2010)
R833838 (2011)
R833838 (Final)