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Development and Testing of a State-of-the-Art PMx Particulate Matter Module for Regional and Urban Air Pollution Models
Grant Number R824793
RFA: Air Pollutants (1995)
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Journal Article Ansari AS, Pandis SN. Response of inorganic PM to precursor concentrations. Environmental Science and Technology 1998;32(18):2706-2714. R824793 (Final)
Journal Article Ansari AS, Pandis SN. An analysis of four models predicting the partitioning of semivolatile inorganic aerosol components. Aerosol Science and Technology 1999;31(2-3):129-153. R824793 (Final)
R826371 (Final)
R826371C005 (Final)
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R826371C005 (Final)
Journal Article Nenes A, Pandis SN, Pilinis C. ISORROPIA: A new thermodynamic equilibrium model for multiphase multicomponent inorganic aerosols. Aquatic Geochemistry 1998;4(1):123-152. R824793 (Final)
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Journal Article West JJ, Ansari AS, Pandis SN. Marginal PM2.5 : Nonlinear aerosol mass response to sulfate reductions in the Eastern United States. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 1999;49(12):1415-1424. R824793 (Final)