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Development and Assessment of Environmental Indicators: Application to Mobile Source Impacts on Emissions, Air Quality and Health Outcomes
Grant Number R833626
RFA: Development of Environmental Health Outcome Indicators (2006)
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Journal Article Lee D, Balachandran S, Pachon J, Shankaran R, Lee S, Mulholland JA, Russell AG. Ensemble-trained PM2.5 source apportionment approach for health studies. Environmental Science & Technology 2009;43(18):7023-7031. R831076 (Final)
R832159 (Final)
R833626 (2009)
R833866 (2009)
R833866 (Final)
Journal Article Pachon JE, Balachandran S, Hu Y, Weber RJ, Mulholland JA, Russell AG. Comparison of SOC estimates and uncertainties from aerosol chemical composition and gas phase data in Atlanta. Atmospheric Environment 2010;44 (32):3907-3914. R833626 (2010)
R833626 (Final)
R833866 (Final)
Journal Article Pachon JE, Balachandran S, Hu Y, Mulholland JA, Darrow LA, Sarnat JA, Tolbert PE, Russell AG. Development of outcome-based, multipollutant mobile source indicators. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2012;62(4):431-442. R833626 (Final)
R833866 (Final)
R834799 (2012)
R834799 (2013)
R834799 (2014)
R834799 (2015)
R834799 (2016)
R834799 (Final)
R834799C003 (2013)
R834799C003 (2014)
R834799C003 (2015)
R834799C003 (Final)
R834799C004 (2013)
R834799C004 (2014)
R834799C004 (2015)
R834799C004 (Final)
Journal Article Sarnat JA, Moise T, Shpund J, Liu Y, Pachon JE, Qasrawi R, Abdeen Z, Brenner, S, Nassar K, Saleh R, Schauer JJ. Assessing the spatial and temporal variability of fine particulate matter components in Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian cities. Atmospheric Environment 2010;44(20):2383-2392. R833626 (2010)
R833626 (Final)