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Incorporating Uncertainty Analysis into Integrated Air Quality Planning
Grant Number R833665
RFA: Uncertainty Analyses of Models in Integrated Environmental Assessments (2006)
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Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Digar A, Cohan DS. Efficient characterization of pollutant-emission response under parametric uncertainty. Environmental Science & Technology 2010;44(17):6724-6730. R833665 (Final)
Journal Article Digar A, Cohan DS, Cox DD, Kim B-U, Boylan JW. Likelihood of achieving air quality targets under model uncertainties. Environmental Science & Technology 2011;45(1):189-196. R833665 (Final)
Journal Article Digar A, Cohan DS, Bell ML. Uncertainties influencing health-based prioritization of ozone abatement options. Environmental Science & Technology 2011;45(18):7761-7767. R833665 (Final)
Journal Article Ji M, Cohan DS, Bell ML. Meta-analysis of the association between short-term exposure to ambient ozone and respiratory hospital admissions. Environmental Research Letters 2011;6(2):024006. R833665 (Final)
Journal Article Tang W, Cohan DS, Morris GA, Byun DW, Luke WT. Influence of vertical mixing uncertainties on ozone simulation in CMAQ. Atmospheric Environment 2011;45(17):2898-2909. R833665 (Final)