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Metropolitan Accessibility and Transportation Sustainability: Comparative Indicators for Policy Reform
Grant Number R833349
RFA: Collaborative Science And Technology Network For Sustainability (2006)
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Journal Article Grengs J, Levine J, Shen Q, Shen QY. Intermetropolitan comparison of transportation accessibility: sorting out mobility and proximity in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Journal of Planning Education and Research 2010;29(4):427-443. R833349 (Final)
Journal Article Levine J, Grengs J, Shen Q, Shen Q. Does Accessibility Require Density or Speed? Journal of the American Planning Association 2012;78(2):157-172. R833349 (Final)
Journal Article Levine J. Is Bus Versus Rail Investment a Zero-Sum Game? Journal of the American Planning Association 2013;79(1):5-15. R833349 (Final)