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Effects of Clouds and Tropospheric Air Quality on Surface UV at 6 UV Research Sites
Grant Number R833224
RFA: Implications of Tropospheric Air Pollution for Surface UV Exposures (2005)
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Journal Article Hulsen G, Grobner J, Bais A, Blumthaler M, Disterhoft P, Johnsen B, Lantz KO, Meleti C, Schreder J, Vilaplana Guerrero JM, Ylianttila L. Intercomparison of erythemal broadband radiometers calibrated by seven UV calibration facilities in Europe and the USA. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2008;8(16):4865-4875. R833224 (2008)
R833224 (Final)
Journal Article Michalsky JJ, Kiedron PW. Comparison of UV-RSS spectral measurements and TUV model runs for clear skies for the May 2003 ARM aerosol intensive observation period. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2008;8(6):1813-1821. R833224 (2008)
R833224 (Final)
Journal Article Petropavlovskikh I, Bhartia PK, DeLuisi J. New Umkehr ozone profile retrieval algorithm optimized for climatological studies. Geophysical Research Letters 2005;32(16):L16808 (5 pp.). R833224 (Final)
Journal Article Petropavlovskikh I, Ahn C, Bhartia PK, Flynn LE. Comparison and covalidation of ozone anomalies and variability observed in SBUV(/2) and Umkehr northern midlatitude ozone profile estimates. Geophysical Research Letters 2005;32(6):L06805 (5 pp.). R833224 (Final)
Journal Article Petropavlovskikh I, Evans R, McConville G, Miyagawa K, Oltmans S. Effect of the out-of-band stray light on the retrieval of the Umkehr Dobson ozone profiles. International Journal of Remote Sensing 2009;30(24):6461-6482. R833224 (2009)
R833224 (Final)
Journal Article Petropavlovskikh I, Evans R, McConville G, Oltmans S, Quincy D, Lantz K, Disterhoft P, Stanek M, Flynn L. Sensitivity of Dobson and Brewer Umkehr ozone profile retrievals to ozone cross-sections and stray light effects. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 2011;4(9):1841-1853. R833224 (Final)