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Utilization of the Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Individual Compounds in Refined Hydrocarbon Products To Monitor Their Fate in the Environment
Grant Number R827015C032
RFA: Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium (IPEC) (1999)
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Journal Article Kopinke F-D, Georgi A, Voskamp M, Richnow HH. Carbon isotope fractionation of organic contaminants due to retardation on humic substances: implications for natural attenuation studies in aquifers. Environmental Science & Technology 2005;39(16):6052-6062. R827015C032 (2005)
Journal Article Kuder T, Wilson JT, Kaiser P, Kolhatkar R, Philp P, Allen J. Enrichment of stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes during anaerobic biodegradation of MTBE: Microcosm and field evidence. Environmental Science & Technology 2005;39(1):213-220. R827015C032 (2005)
R830633C005 (2005)