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Health Risks from Climate Variability and Change in the Upper Midwest: a Place-based Assessment of Climate-related Morbidity
Grant Number R832750
RFA: The Impact of Climate Change & Variability on Human Health (2005)
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Journal Article Grabow ML, Spak SN, Holloway T, Stone B, Mednick AC, Patz JA. Air quality and exercise-related health benefits from reduced car travel in the Midwestern United States. Environmental Health Perspectives 2012;120(1):68-76. R831840 (Final)
R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Gutowski Jr. WJ, Arritt RW, Kawazoe S, Flory DM, Takle ES, Biner S, Caya D, Jones RG, Laprise R, Leung LR, Mearns LO, Moufouma-Okia W, Nunes AMB, Qian Y, Roads JO, Sloan LC, Snyder MA. Regional, extreme monthly precipitation simulated by NARCCAP RCMs. Journal of Hydrometeorology 2010;11(6):1373-1379. R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Holloway T, Spak SN, Barker D, Bretl M, Moberg C, Hayhoe K, Van Dorn J, Wuebbles D. Change in ozone air pollution over Chicago associated with global climate change. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 2008;113(D22):D22306 (14 pp.). R831840 (Final)
R832750 (2007)
Journal Article Holman KD, Vavrus SJ. Understanding simulated extreme precipitation events in Madison, Wisconsin, and the role of moisture flux convergence during the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Journal of Hydrometeorology 2012;13(3):877-894. R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Kucharik CJ, Serbin SP, Vavrus S, Hopkins EJ, Motew MM. Patterns of climate change across Wisconsin from 1950 to 2006. Physical Geography 2010;31(1):1-28. R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Li B, Sain S, Mearns LO, Anderson HA, Kovats S, Ebi KL, Bekkedal MYV, Kanarek MS, Patz JA. The impact of extreme heat on morbidity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Climatic Change 2012;110(3-4):959-976. R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)
R832752 (Final)
Journal Article Mearns LO, Gutowski WJ, Jones R, Leung R, McGinnis S, Nunes AMB, Qian Y. A regional climate change assessment program for North America. EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union 2009;90(36):311-312. R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Mearns LO, Arritt R, Biner S, Bukovsky MS, McGinnis S, Sain S, Caya D, Correia J, Flory D, Gutowski W, Takle ES, Jones R, Leung R, Moufouma-Okia W, McDaniel L, Nunes AMB, Qian Y, Roads JO,Sloan L, Snyder M. North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program:overview of phase I results. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 2012;93(9):1337-1362. R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Patz JA, Vavrus SJ, Uejio CK, McLellan SL. Climate change and waterborne disease risk in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. American Journal of Preventative Medicine 2008;35(5):451-458. R832750 (2007)
Journal Article Uejio CK, Peters TW, Patz JA. Inland lake indicator bacteria:long-term impervious surface and weather influences and a predictive Bayesian model. Lake and Reservoir Management 2012;28(3):232-244. R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)
Journal Article Vavrus S, Walsh JE, Chapman WL, Portis D. The behavior of extreme cold air outbreaks under greenhouse warming. International Journal of Climatology 2006;26(9):1133-1147. R832750 (2007)
Journal Article Vavrus S, Van Dorn J. Projected future temperature and precipitation extremes in Chicago. Journal of Great Lakes Research 2010;36(Suppl 2):22-32. R832750 (2007)
R832750 (Final)