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PM Characterization and Exposure Assessment (Project 2)
Grant Number R832417C002
RFA: Particulate Matter Research Centers (2004)
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Journal Article Han I, Ramos-Bonilla JP, Rule AM, Mihalic JN, Polyak LM, Breysse PN, Geyh AS. Comparison of spatial and temporal variations in p-PAH, BC, and p-PAH/BC ratio in six US counties. Atmospheric Environment 2011;45(40):7644-7652. R832417 (Final)
R832417C002 (Final)
Journal Article Ramos-Bonilla JP, Breysse PN, Dominici F, Geyh A, Tankersley CG. Ambient air pollution alters heart rate regulation in aged mice. Inhalation Toxicology 2010;22(4):330-339. R832417 (Final)
R832417C002 (Final)