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Comparative Analysis of Three Sustainable Point of Use Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Developing Nations
Grant Number SU832463
RFA: P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet - Phase 2 (2005)
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Journal Article Brown JM, Proum S, Sobsey MD. Escherichia coli in household drinking water and diarrheal disease risk: evidence from Cambodia. Water Science & Technology 2008;58(4):757-763. SU832463 (Final)
Journal Article Brown J, Sobsey MD, Loomis D. Local drinking water filters reduce diarrheal disease in Cambodia: a randomized, controlled trial of the ceramic water purifier. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2008;79(3):394-400. SU832463 (Final)
Journal Article Elliott MA, Stauber CE, Koksal F, DiGiano FA, Sobsey MD. Reductions of E. coli, echovirus type 12 and bacteriophages in an intermittently operated household-scale slow sand filter. Water Research 2008;42(10-11):2662-2670. SU832463 (Final)
Journal Article Stauber CE, Elliott MA, Koksal F, Ortiz GM, DiGiano FA, Sobsey MD. Characterisation of the biosand filter for E. coli reductions from household drinking water under controlled laboratory and field use conditions. Water Science & Technology 2006;54(3):1-7. SU832463 (Final)
Journal Article Stauber CE, Ortiz GM, Loomis DP, Sobsey MD. A randomized controlled trial of the concrete biosand filter and its impact on diarrheal disease in Bonao, Dominican Republic. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2009;80(2):286-293. SU832463 (Final)