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Using Carbohydrates as Molecular Markers to Determine the Contribution of Agricultural Soil to Ambient Fine and Course PM
Grant Number R832164
RFA: Source Apportionment of Particulate Matter (2004)
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Journal Article Clements AL, Fraser MP, Upadhyay N, Herckes P, Sundblom M, Lantz J, Solomon PA. Source identification of coarse particles in the Desert Southwest, USA using Positive Matrix Factorization. Atmospheric Pollution Research 2017;8(5):873-884. R832164 (Final)
Journal Article Jia Y, Bhat S, Fraser MP. Characterization of saccharides and other organic compounds in fine particles and the use of saccharides to track primary biologically derived carbon sources. Atmospheric Environment 2010;44(5):724-732. R832164 (Final)
Journal Article Jia Y, Clements AL, Fraser MP. Saccharide composition in atmospheric particulate matter in the southwest US and estimates of source contributions. Journal of Aerosol Science 2010;41(1):62-73. R832164 (Final)
Journal Article Jia Y, Fraser M. Characterization of saccharides in size-fractionated ambient particulate matter and aerosol sources: the contribution of primary biological aerosol particles (PBAPs) and soil to ambient particulate matter. Environmental Science & Technology 2011;45(3):930-936. R832164 (Final)