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Development of a BBPK Model for the Thyroid Axis in the Pregnant Rat and Fetus for the Dose Response Analysis of Developmental Neurotoxicity
Grant Number R832134
RFA: Development and Characterization of Biological Systems for Studying Low Dose Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (2004)

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Journal Article Fisher JW, Campbell J, Muralidhara S, Bruckner JV, Ferguson D, Mumtaz M, Harmon B, Hedge JM, Crofton KM, Kim H, Almekinder TL. Effect of PCB 126 on hepatic metabolism of thyroxine and perturbations in the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in the rat. Toxicological Sciences 2006;90(1):87-95. R832134 (2008)
Journal Article McLanahan ED, Campbell JL, Ferguson DC, Harmon B, Hedge JM, Crofton KM, Mattie DR, Braverman L, Keys DA, Mumtaz M, Fisher JW. Low-dose effects of ammonium perchlorate on the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis of adult male rats pretreated with PCB126. Toxicological Sciences 2007;97(2):308-317. R832134 (2008)
Journal Article McLanahan ED, Andersen ME, Fisher JW. A biologically based dose-response model for dietary iodide and the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in the adult rat: evaluation of iodide deficiency. Toxicological Sciences 2008;102(2):241-253. R832134 (2007)
R832134 (2008)
Journal Article McLanahan ED, Andersen ME, Campbell Jr. JL, Fisher JW. Competitive inhibition of thyroidal uptake of dietary iodide by perchlorate does not describe perturbations in rat serum total T4 and TSH. Environmental Health Perspectives 2009;117(5):731-738. R832134 (2008)
Journal Article Taylor MA, Swant J, Wagner JJ, Fisher JW, Ferguson DC. Lower thyroid compensatory reserve of rat pups after maternal hypothyroidism: correlation of thyroid, hepatic, and cerebrocortical biomarkers with hippocampal neurophysiology. Endocrinology 2008;149(7):3521-3530. R832134 (2007)
R832134 (2008)