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Estrogen Elicited Gene Expression Network Elucidation in the Rat Uterus
Grant Number R831847
RFA: Computational Toxicology and Endocrine Disruptors: Use of Systems Biology in Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (2004)
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Journal Article Kidambi S, Udpa N, Schroeder SA, Findlan R, Lee I, Chan C. Cell adhesion on polyelectrolyte multilayer coated polydimethylsiloxane surfaces with varying topographies. Tissue Engineering 2007;13(8):2105-2117. R831847 (Final)
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Journal Article Kiyosawa N, Kwekel JC, Burgoon LD, Williams KJ, Tashiro C, Chittim B, Zacharewski TR. o,p'-DDT elicits PXR/CAR-, not ER-, mediated responses in the immature, ovariectomized rat liver. Toxicological Sciences 2008;101(2)350-363. R831847 (Final)
Journal Article Kwekel JC, Burgoon LD, Burt JW, Harkema JR, Zacharewski TR. A cross-species analysis of the rodent uterotrophic program: elucidation of conserved responses and targets of estrogen signaling. Physiological Genomics 2005;23(3):327-342. R831847 (2006)
R831847 (Final)
Journal Article Li Z, Shaw SM, Yedwabnick MJ, Chan C. Using a state-space model with hidden variables to infer transcription factor activities. Bioinformatics 2006;22(6):747-754. R831847 (Final)
Journal Article Li Z, Srivastava S, Mittal S, Yang X, Sheng L, Chan C. A three stage integrative pathway search (TIPS©) framework to identify toxicity relevant genes and pathways. BMC Bioinformatics 2007;8:202. R831847 (Final)
Journal Article Li Z, Srivastava S, Yang X, Mittal S, Norton P, Resau J, Haab B, Chan C. A hierarchical approach employing metabolic and gene expression profiles to identify the pathways that confer cytotoxicity in HepG2 cells. BMC Systems Biology 2007;1:21. R831847 (Final)
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Journal Article Patil S, Melrose J, Chan C. Involvement of astroglial ceramide in palmitic acid-induced Alzheimer-like changes in primary neurons. European Journal of Neuroscience 2007;26(8):2131-2141. R831847 (Final)
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Journal Article Yang X, Chan C. Repression of PKR mediates palmitate-induced apoptosis in HepG2 cells through regulation of Bcl-2. Cell Research 2009;19(4):469-486. R831847 (Final)