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Heterogeneous Chemistry of Sub-micron Aerosols Related to Tropospheric Oxidants
Grant Number R825253
RFA: Air Quality (1996)
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Journal Article Jayne JT, Leard DC, Zhang XF, Davidovits P, Smith KA, Kolb CE, Worsnop DR. Development of an aerosol mass spectrometer for size and composition analysis of submicron particles. Aerosol Science and Technology 2000;33(1-2):49-70. R825253 (Final)
R825391 (1999)
R825391 (2000)
R825391 (Final)
R828172 (Final)
Journal Article Shi Q, Davidovits P, Jayne JT, Worsnop DR, Kolb CE. Uptake of gas-phase ammonia. 1. Uptake by aqueous surfaces as a function of pH. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 1999;103(44):8812-8823. R825253 (Final)
Journal Article Worsnop DR, Shi Q, Jayne JT, Kolb CE, Swartz E, Davidovits P. Gas-phase diffusion in droplet train measurements of uptake coefficients. Journal of Aerosol Science 2001;32(7):877-891. R825253 (Final)