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Development of a Semi-Continuous Monitor for Determination of Trace Elements and Heavy Metals in Ambient Aerosol Particles
Grant Number R825269
RFA: Air Quality (1996)
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Journal Article Ding YM, Ferguson ST, Wolfson JM, Koutrakis P. Development of a high volume slit nozzle virtual impactor to concentrate coarse particles. Aerosol Science and Technology 2001;34(3):274-283. R825269 (1999)
Journal Article Kidwell CB, Ondov JM, Sioutas C, Koutrakis P. Ambient aerosol concentration by condensation and virtual impaction for collection and chemical analysis. Journal of Aerosol Science 1998;29(S2):S1039-S1040. R825269 (1999)
R825269 (Final)
Journal Article Kidwell CB, Ondov JM. Development and evaluation of a prototype system for collecting sub-hourly ambient aerosol for chemical analysis. Aerosol Science and Technology 2002;35(1):596-601. R825269 (1999)
R825269 (Final)
Journal Article Kidwell CB, Ondov JM. Elemental analysis of sub-hourly ambient aerosol collections. Aerosol Science and Technology 2004;38(3):205-218. R825269 (Final)