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"Collaborative Proposal" on Optimal-Control Strategies Based on Comprehensive Modeling and System-Interaction Analyses for Energy-Efficient and Reduced-Emission Fuel-Cell-Energy-Systems: Power Electronics Subsystems
Grant Number R831581
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (2003)
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Journal Article Balci K, Yapar G, Akkaya Y, Akyuz S, Koch A, Kleinpeter E. A conformational analysis and vibrational spectroscopic investigation on 1,2-bis(o-carboxyphenoxy) ethane molecule. Vibrational Spectroscopy 2012;58:27-43. R831581 (Final)
Journal Article Mazumder SK, Pradhan S. Efficient and robust power management of reduced cost distributed power electronics for fuel-cell power system. Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology 2009;7(1):011018. (11 pp.). R831581 (Final)