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Sustainable Biodegradable Green Nanocomposites From Bacterial Bioplastic For Automotive Applications
Grant Number R830904
RFA: Environmental Futures Research in Nanoscale Science Engineering and Technology (2002)
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Journal Article Parulekar Y, Mohanty AK. Effect of titanate-based surface on hydrophilicity and interlayer spacing of montmorillonite clay for polymer nanocomposites. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2005;5(12):2138-2143. R830904 (2005)
R830904 (2006)
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Parulekar Y, Mohanty AK. Biodegradable toughened polymers from renewable resources: blends of polyhydroxybutyrate with epoxidized natural rubber and maleated polybutadiene. Green Chemistry 2006;8(2):206-213.

R830904 (2005)
R830904 (2006)
not available