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Resolving the Unresolved Complex Mixture in Petroleum Residues in Environmental Matrices
Grant Number R830393
RFA: Futures Research in Natural Sciences (2001)
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Journal Article Arey JS, Nelson RK, Xu L, Reddy CM. Using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography retention indices to estimate environmental partitioning properties for a complete set of diesel fuel hydrocarbons. Analytical Chemistry 2005;77(22):7172-7182. R830393 (Final)
Journal Article Nelson RK, Kile BM, Plata DL, Sylva SP, Xu L, Reddy CM, Gaines RB, Frysinger GS, Reichenbach SE. Tracking the weathering of an oil spill with comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. Environmental Forensics 2006;7(1):33-44. R830393 (Final)
Journal Article Peacock EE, Nelson RK, Solow AR, Warren JD, Baker JL, Reddy CM. The West Falmouth oil spill: ~100 kg of oil found to persist decades later. Environmental Forensics 2005;6(3):273-281. R830393 (Final)
Journal Article Slater GF, Nelson RK, Kile BM, Reddy CM. Intrinsic bacterial biodegradation of petroleum contamination demonstrated in situ using natural abundance, molecular-level 14C analysis. Organic Geochemistry 2006;37(9):981-989. R830393 (Final)