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Application of Thermal Desorption GCMS (TD-GCMS) for the Analysis of Polar and Non-Polar Semi-Volatile and Particle-Phase Molecular Markers for Source Attribution
Grant Number R831088
RFA: Measurement, Modeling, and Analysis Methods for Airborne Carbonaceous Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) (2003)
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Journal Article Sheesley RJ, Schauer JJ, Garshick E, Laden F, Smith TJ, Blicharz AP, DeMinter JT. Tracking personal exposure to particulate diesel exhaust in a diesel freight terminal using organic tracer analysis. Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology 2009;19(2):172-186. R831088 (Final)
Journal Article Sheesley RJ, Deminter JT, Meiritz M, Snyder DC, Schauer JJ. Temporal trends in motor vehicle and secondary organic tracers using in situ methylation thermal desorption GCMS. Environmental Science & Technology 2010;44(24):9398-9404. R831080 (Final)
R831088 (Final)
R832161 (Final)
Journal Article Sheesley RJ, Mieritz M, DeMinter JT, Shelton BR, Schauer JJ. Development of an in situ derivatization technique for rapid analysis of levoglucosan and polar compounds in atmospheric organic aerosol. Atmospheric Environment 2015;123(Part A):251-255. R831088 (Final)
R832276 (Final)