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Individual Level Indicators: Reproductive Function in Estuarine Fishes
Grant Number R829458C005
RFA: Environmental Indicators in the Estuarine Environment Research Program (2000)
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Journal Article

Popular article featuring Cheek & Thomas projects: Janet Raloff. Choked Up: How dead zones affect fish reproduction. Science News 2004;166(20):309.

R829458C005 (2004)
not available
Journal Article Martinez ML, Landry C, Boehm R, Manning S, Cheek AO, Rees BB. Effects of long-term hypoxia on enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in the Gulf killifish, Fundulus grandis. Journal of Experimental Biology 2006;209(19):3851-3861. R829458C005 (2005)
Journal Article

Murphy CA, Rose KA, Thomas P. Modeling vitellogenesis in female fish exposed to environmental stressors: predicting the effects of endocrine disturbance due to exposure to a PCB mixture and cadmium. Reproductive Toxicology 2005;19(3):395-409.

R829458C005 (2003)
R829458C009 (2003)
not available
Journal Article Thomas P, Rahman MS, Kummer JA, Lawson S. Reproductive endocrine dysfunction in Atlantic croaker exposed to hypoxia. Marine Environmental Research 2006;62(Suppl 1):S249-S252. R826130 (1999)
R829458C005 (2005)