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Lung Hypoxia as Potential Mechanisms for PM-Induced Health Effects
Grant Number R827351C010
RFA: Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) Centers (1999)
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Journal Article Prophete C, Maciejczyk P, Salnikow K, Gould T, Larson T, Koenig J, Jaques P, Sioutas C, Lippmann M, Cohen M. Effects of select PM-associated metals on alveolar macrophage phosphorylated ERK1 and-2 and iNOS expression during ongoing alteration in iron homeostasis. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A:Current Issues 2006;69(10):935-951. R827351 (Final)
R827351C008 (Final)
R827351C010 (Final)
R827352 (Final)
R827352C014 (Final)
R827355 (Final)
R827355C008 (Final)
R832413C001 (Final)
Journal Article Salnikow K, Davidson T, Zhang Q, Chen LC, Su W, Costa M. The involvement of hypoxia-inducible transcription factor-1-dependent pathway in nickel carcinogenesis. Cancer Research 2003;63(13):3524-3530. R827351 (Final)
R827351C010 (Final)
Journal Article Salnikow K, Li X, Lippmann M. Effect of nickel and iron co-exposure on human lung cells. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2004;196(2):258-265. R827351 (2003)
R827351 (Final)
R827351C010 (2003)
R827351C010 (Final)