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A Comparison of Agricultural vs. Forested Basins: Carbon and Nutrient Cycling Within the Hyporheic Ecotone of Streams
Grant Number R824786
RFA: Water and Watersheds (1995)
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Journal Article Halda-Alija L, Johnston TC. Diversity of culturable heterotrophic aerobic bacteria in pristine stream bed sediments. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 1999;45:879-884. R824786 (1999)
not available
Journal Article Halda-Alija L, Hendricks SP, Johnston TC. Spatial and temporal variation of Enterobacter genotypes in sediments and the underlying hyporheic zone of an agricultural stream. Microbial Ecology 2001;42(3):286-294. R824786 (1999)
not available
Journal Article Hendricks SP, Rice GL. Utilization of a specially-designed sediment colonization chamber to examine hyporheic water chemistry and microbial communities. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 2000;15(4):445-453. R824786 (1999)
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