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Role of PM-Associated Transition Metals in Exacerbating Infectious Pneumoniae in Exposed Rats
Grant Number R827351C007
RFA: Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) Centers (1999)
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Journal Article Zelikoff JT, Schermerhorn KR, Fang K, Cohen MD, Schlesinger RB. A role for associated transition metals in the immunotoxicity of inhaled ambient particulate matter. Environmental Health Perspectives 2002;110(Suppl 5):871-875. R827351 (Final)
R827351C007 (2001)
R827351C007 (2002)
R827351C007 (Final)
Journal Article Zelikoff JT, Chen LC, Cohen MD, Fang K, Gordon T, Li Y, Nadziejko C, Schlesinger RB. Effects of inhaled ambient particulate matter on pulmonary antimicrobial immune defense. Inhalation Toxicology 2003;15(2):131-150. R827351 (Final)
R827351C007 (2003)
R827351C007 (Final)