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Asthma Susceptibility to PM2.5
Grant Number R827351C003
RFA: Airborne Particulate Matter (PM) Centers (1999)
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Journal Article Lall R, Thurston GD. Identifying and quantifying transported vs. local sources of New York City PM2.5 fine particulate matter air pollution. Atmospheric Environment 2006;40(Suppl 2):333-346. R827351 (Final)
R827351C003 (Final)
Journal Article Reibman J, Hsu Y, Chen LC, Bleck B, Gordon T. Airway epithelial cells release MIP-3α/CCL20 in response to cytokines and ambient particulate matter. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology 2003;28(6):648-654. R827351 (2003)
R827351 (Final)
R827351C003 (2003)
R827351C003 (Final)
R827351C004 (2002)
R827351C004 (Final)