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The Fate and Transport of Perchlorate in a Contaminated Site in the Las Vegas Valley. Part A: Investigation of the Influence of Biological Degradation and Sorption on the Fate of Perchlorate. Part B: Modeling of the Transport of Perchlorate in the Las Vegas Wash.
Grant Number R827622E03
RFA: EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) (1998)
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Journal Article Batista JR, Gingras TM, Vieira AR. Combining ion-exchange (IX) technology and biological reduction for perchlorate removal. Remediation 2002;13(1):21-38. R827622E03 (Final)
Journal Article Gingras TM, Batista JR. Biological reduction of perchlorate in ion exchange regenerant solutions containing high salinity and ammonium levels. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 2002;4(1):96-101. R827622E03 (Final)