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Relating Cardiovascular Disease Risk to Ambient Air Pollutants Using Geographic Information Systems Technology and Bayesian Neural Networks: The AHSMOG Study
Grant Number R830547
RFA: Epidemiologic Research on Health Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter and Other Air Pollutants (2002)
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Journal Article Chen LH, Knutsen SF, Shavlik D, Beeson WL, Petersen F, Ghamsary M, Abbey D. The association between fatal coronary heart disease and ambient particulate air pollution:are females at greater risk? Environmental Health Perspectives 2005;113(12):1723-1729. R827998 (Final)
R830547 (2005)
R830547 (2006)
R830547 (2007)
R830547 (Final)
Journal Article Gharibvand L, Lawrence Beeson W, Shavlik D, Knutsen R, Ghamsary M, Soret S, Knutsen SF. The association between ambient fine particulate matter and incident adenocarcinoma subtype of lung cancer. Environmental Health 2017;16(1):71 (9 pp.). R830547 (Final)
Journal Article Gharibvand L, Shavlik D, Ghamsary M, Beeson WL, Soret S, Knutsen R, Knutsen SF. The association between ambient fine particulate air pollution and lung cancer incidence: results from the AHSMOG-2 study. Environmental Health Perspectives 2017;125(3):378-384. R830547 (Final)
Journal Article Spencer-Hwang R, Knutsen SF, Soret S, Ghamsary M, Beeson WL, Oda K, Shavlik D, Jaipaul N. Ambient air pollutants and risk of fatal coronary heart disease among kidney transplant recipients. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2011;58(4):608-616. R830547 (Final)