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Social Impact Assessment of Human Exposure to Mercury Related to Land Use and Physicochemical Settings in the Alabama-Mobile River System
Grant Number R827168
RFA: Water and Watersheds (1998)
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Journal Article Bonzongo JCJ, Lyons WB. Impact of land use and physicochemical settings on aqueous methylmercury levels in the Mobile-Alabama River System. Ambio 2004;33(6):328-333 R827168 (Final)
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Journal Article Lyons WB, Bonzongo JC. Mercury in the environment: sources, pathways, and fates. Materials and Geoenvironment 2001;48(1):1. R827168 (Final)
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Journal Article

Samya M, Snow H, Bryan CH. Integrating social impact assessment with research: the case of methylmercury in fish in the Mobile-Alabama River Basin. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 2003;21(2):133-140.

R827168 (Final)
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Journal Article Warner KA, Roden EE, Bonzongo JC. Microbial mercury transformation in anoxic freshwater sediments under iron-reducing and other electron accepting conditions. Environmental Science and Technology 2003;37(10):2159-2165. R827168 (Final)
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