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Integrating Economic and Physical Data to Forecast Land Use Change and Environmental Consequences for California's Coastal Watersheds.
Grant Number R829803
RFA: Futures: Research in Socio-Economics (2001)
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Journal Article Newburn D, Reed S, Berck P, Merenlender A. Economics and land-use change in prioritizing private land conservation. Conservation Biology 2005;19(5):1411-1420. R829803 (2003)
R829803 (Final)
Journal Article Newburn DA, Berck P, Merenlender AM. Habitat and open space at risk of land-use conversion: targeting strategies for land conservation. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 2006;88(1):28-42. R829803 (2003)
Journal Article Opperman JJ, Lohse KA, Brooks C, Kelly NM, Merenlender AM. Influence of land use on fine sediment in salmonid spawning gravels within the Russian River Basin, California. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2005;62(12):2740-2751. R829803 (2003)
R829803 (Final)