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Centers of Excellence in Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research
Grant Number R826709
RFA: Centers for Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research (1998)

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Journal Article Bradman A, Eskenazi B, Sutton P, Athanasoulis M, Goldman LR. Iron deficiency associated with higher blood lead in children living in contaminated environments. Environmental Health Perspectives 2001;109(10):1079-1084. R826709 (2001)
R826709 (2002)
Journal Article Castorina R, Bradman A, McKone TE, Barr DB, Harnly ME, Eskenazi B. Cumulative organophosphate pesticide exposure and risk assessment among pregnant women living in an agricultural community: a case study from the CHAMACOS cohort. Environmental Health Perspectives 2003;111(13):1640-1648. R826709 (2001)
R826709 (2002)
R831710 (Final)
Journal Article Eskenazi B, Bradman A, Castorina R. Exposures of children to organophosphate pesticides and their potential adverse health effects. Environmental Health Perspectives 1999;107(Suppl 3):409-419. R826709 (2001)
R826709 (2002)
R826709C001 (1999)
R826709C001 (2000)
R826709C002 (1999)
R826709C002 (2000)
R826709C003 (1999)
R826709C003 (2000)
Journal Article Eskenazi B, Bradman A. Longitudinal investigation of pesticides and allergen exposures to children living in agricultural communities in California. Urban Health and Development Bulletin 2001;4(2):33-44. R826709 (2001)
R826709 (2002)
not available
Journal Article Eskenazi B, Bradman A, Gladstone EA, Jaramillo S, Birch K, Holland N. CHAMACOS, a longitudinal birth cohort study:lessons from the fields. Journal of Children's Health 2003;1(1):3-27. R826709 (2002)
R831710 (Final)
Journal Article Harley K, Eskenazi B, Block G. The association of time in the US and diet during pregnancy in low-income women of Mexican descent. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 2005;19(2):125-134. R826709 (2001)
R826709 (2002)
R831710 (2004)
R831710 (2005)
R831710 (Final)
R831710C001 (2004)
Journal Article Holland NT, Smith MT, Eskenazi B, Bastaki M. Biological sample collection and processing for molecular epidemiological studies. Mutation Research-Reviews in Mutation Research 2003;543(3):217-234. R826709 (2001)
R826709 (2002)
R831710 (Final)