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Improved Risk Assessment with an Intragenic Mutation Assay
Grant Number R825810
RFA: Issues in Human Health Risk Assessment (1997)
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Journal Article Lee WR, Perantie DC, Clark KB, Guillot DA, Wilson VL. Effect of mutagen induced cell lethality on the dose response of germline mutations. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 2001;37(4):340-344. R825810 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Wilson VL, Tatford BC, Yin X, Rajki SC, Walsh MM, LaRock P. Species-specific detection of hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria. Journal of Microbiological Methods 1999;39(1):59-78. R825810 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Wilson VL, Yin X, Thompson B, Wade KR, Watkins JP, Wei Q, Lee WR. Oncogenic base substitution mutations in circulating leukocytes of normal individuals. Cancer Research 2000;60(7):1830-1834. R825810 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Wilson VL. Detecting rare mutations associated with cancer risk. American Journal of Pharmacogenomics 2001;1(4):283-293. R825810 (Final)
R825819 (Final)
Journal Article Wilson VL, Wade KR, Yin X, Albertini RJ. Temporal delineation of sequential HPRT mutations arising in vivo in a T-cell clone with a mutator phenotype. Mutation Research 2001;473(2):181-199. R825810 (Final)
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