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A Portable Device for Real-Time Measurement of the Size and Composition of Atmospheric Aerosols
Grant Number R826769
RFA: Air Pollution Chemistry and Physics (1998)
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Journal Article Eiceman GA, Young D, Smith GB. Mobility spectrometry of amino acids and peptides with matrix assisted laser desorption and ionization in air at ambient pressure. Microchemical Journal 2005;81(1):108-116. R826769 (Final)
Journal Article Eiceman GA, Young D, Schmidt H, Rodriguez JE, Baumbach JI, Vautz W, Lake DA, Johnston MV. Ion mobility spectrometry of gas-phase ions from laser ablation of solids in air at ambient pressure. Applied Spectroscopy 2007;61(10):1076-1083. R826769 (Final)
Journal Article Kane DB, Johnston MV. Enhancing the detection of sulfate particles for laser ablation aerosol mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 2001;73(22):5365-5369. R826769 (Final)
Journal Article Young D, Douglas KM, Eiceman GA, Lake DA, Johnston MV. Laser desorption-ionization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from glass surfaces with ion mobility spectrometry analysis. Analytica Chimica Acta 2002;453(2):231-243. R826769 (Final)