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Improving the Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers: Enhancing Reactivity and Longevity through Understanding of Surface Oxides
Grant Number R827117
RFA: Exploratory Research - Environmental Engineering (1998)
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Journal Article Agrawal A, Ferguson WJ, Gardner BO, Christ JA, Bandstra JZ, Tratnyek PG. Effects of carbonate species on the kinetics of dechlorination of 1,1,1-trichloroethane by zero-valent iron. Environmental Science & Technology 2002;36(20):4326-4333. R827117 (2000)
R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Balko BA, Tratnyek PG. A discovery-based experiment illustrating how iron metal is used to remediate contaminated groundwater. Journal of Chemical Education 2001;78(12):1661-1664. R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Gaspar DJ, Lea AS, Engelhard MH, Baer DR, Miehr R, Tratnyek PG. Evidence for localization of reaction upon reduction of carbon tetrachloride by granular iron. Langmuir 2002;18(20):7688-7693. R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Logue BA, Westall JC. Kinetics of reduction of nitrobenzene and carbon tetrachloride at an iron-oxide coated gold electrode. Environmental Science & Technology 2003;37(11):2356-2362. R827117 (2000)
R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Miehr R, Tratnyek PG, Bandstra JZ, Scherer MM, Alowitz MJ, Bylaska EJ. Diversity of contaminant reduction reactions by zerovalent iron: role of the reductate. Environmental Science & Technology 2004;38(1):139-147. R827117 (2000)
R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Nam S, Tratnyek PG. Reduction of azo dyes with zero-valent iron. Water Research 2000;34(6):1837-1845. R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Scherer MM, Johnson KM, Westall JC, Tratnyek PG. Mass transport effects on the kinetics of nitrobenzene reduction by iron metal. Environmental Science & Technology 2001;35(13):2804-2811. R827117 (2000)
R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Scherer MM, Westall JC, Tratnyek PG. Discussion on "Electrochemical and Raman spectroscopic studies of the influence of chlorinated solvents on the corrosion behaviour of iron in borate buffer and in simulated groundwater" [Corrosion Science 42 (2000) 1921–1939]. Corrosion Science 2002;44(5):1151-1157. R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Tratnyek PG, Scherer MM, Deng BL, Hu S. Effects of natural organic matter, anthropogenic surfactants, and model quinones on the reduction of contaminants by zero-valent iron. Water Research 2001;35(18):4435-4443. R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Tratnyek PG, Reilkoff TE, Lemon AW, Scherer MM, Balko BA, Feik LM, Henegar BD. Visualizing redox chemistry: probing environmental oxidation-reduction reactions with indicator dyes. The Chemical Educator 2001;6(3):172-179. R827117 (2000)
R827117 (Final)
Journal Article Tratnyek PG, Weber EJ, Schwarzenbach RP. Quantitative structure-activity relationships for chemical reductions of organic contaminants. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2003;22(8):1733-1742. R827117 (Final)