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Emission and Fate of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds
Grant Number R825419
RFA: Exploratory Research - Air Engineering (1996)
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Journal Article Apel EC, Riemer DD, Hills A, Baugh W, Orlando J, Faloona I, Tan D, Brune W, Lamb B, Westberg H, Carroll MA, Thornberry T, Cooper O, Geron CD. Measurement and interpretation of isoprene fluxes and isoprene, methacrolein and methyl vinyl ketone mixing ratios at the PROPHET site during the 1998 intensive. Journal of Geophysical Research 2002;107(D3):Art.No.4034. R825261 (Final)
R825419 (Final)
Journal Article Barket Jr. DJ, Hurst JM, Couch TL, Colorado A, Shepson PB, Riemer DD, Hills AJ, Apel EC, Hafer R, Lamb BK, Westberg HH, Farmer CT, Stabenau ER, Zika RG. Intercomparison of automated methodologies for determination of ambient isoprene during the PROPHET 1998 summer campaign. Journal of Geophysical Research–Atmospheres 2001;106(D20):24301-24313. R825256 (1999)
R825256 (Final)
R825257 (Final)
R825419 (Final)
Journal Article Guenther A, Geron C, Pierce T, Lamb B, Harley P, Fall R. Natural emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds; carbon monoxide, and oxides of nitrogen from North America. Atmospheric Environment 2000;34(12-14):2205-223.0. R825259 (Final)
R825419 (1998)
Journal Article Hurst JM, Barket Jr. DJ, Herrera-Gomez O, Couch TL, Shepson PB, Faloona I, Tan D, Brune W, Westberg H, Lamb B, Biesenthal T, Young V, Goldstein A, Munger JW, Thornberry T, Carroll MA. Investigation of the nighttime decay of isoprene. Journal of Geophysical Research–Atmospheres 2001;106(D20):24335-24346. R825256 (1999)
R825256 (Final)
R825419 (Final)
Journal Article Westberg H, Lamb B, Hafer R, Hills A, Shepson P, Vogel C. Measurement of isoprene fluxes at the PROPHET site. Journal of Geophysical Research 2001;106(D20):24347-24358. R825419 (Final)