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Analysis and Management of Fluxes in Bacillus Pathways for Pesticide and Protein Production
Grant Number R829589
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (2001)
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Journal Article Ghosh S, Zhu T, Grossmann IE, Ataai MM, Domach MM. Closing the loop between feasible flux scenario identification for construct evaluation and resolution of realized fluxes via NMR. Computers & Chemical Engineering 2005;29(3):459-466. R829589 (2003)
R829589 (Final)
Journal Article Ghosh S, Zhu T, Grossman IE, Ataai MM, Domach MM. A three-level problem-centric strategy for selecting NMR precursor labeling and analytes. Metabolic Engineering 2006;8(5):491-507. R829589 (Final)
Journal Article Pan Z, Zhu T, Domagalski N, Khan S, Koepsel RR, Domach MM, Ataai MM. Regulating expression of pyruvate kinase in Bacillus subtilis for control of growth rate and formation of acidic byproducts. Biotechnology Progress 2006;22(5):1451-1455. R829589 (Final)
Journal Article Zhu T, Phalakornkule C, Ghosh S, Grossmann IE, Koepsel RR, Ataai MM, Domach MM. A metabolic network analysis & NMR experiment design tool with user interface-driven model construction for depth-first search analysis. Metabolic Engineering 2003;5(2):74-85. R829589 (2002)
R829589 (2003)
R829589 (Final)