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Diminishing Materials Use and Air Pollutants in Foundries via an Integrated Advanced Oxidation Process: Characterization of Materials and Pollutants at the Nano-Scale
Grant Number R829581
RFA: Technology for a Sustainable Environment (2001)
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Journal Article Glowacki CR, Crandell GR, Cannon FS, Clobes JK, Voigt RC, Furness JC, McComb BA, Knight SM. Emissions studies at a test foundry using an advanced oxidation-clear water system. Transactions of the American Foundry Society 2003;111:579-598. R829581 (2002)
R829581 (Final)
Journal Article Goudzwaard JE, Kurtti CM, Andrews JH, Cannon FS, Voigt RC, Firebaugh JE, Furness JC, Sipple DL. Foundry emissions effects with an advanced oxidation blackwater system. Transactions of the American Foundry Society 2003;111:1191-1211. R829581 (2002)
R829581 (Final)
Journal Article Land JD, Voigt RC, Cannon FS, Furness JC, Goudzwaard J, Luebben H. Performance and control of a green sand system during the installation and operation of an advanced oxidation system. American Foundry Society Transactions 2002;110:705-715. R829581 (2002)
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Journal Article Land JD, Cannon FS, Voigt RC, Goudzwaard J. Perspectives on foundry air emissions: a statistical analysis approach. Transactions of the American Foundry Society 2004;112(N 04-040):1075-1081. R829581 (2003)
Journal Article Milan-Segovia N, Wang YJ, Cannon FS, Voigt RC, Furness JC. Comparison of hydroxyl radical generation for various advanced oxidation combinations as applied to foundries. Ozone-Science & Engineering 2007;29(6):461-471. R829581 (Final)
Journal Article Wang YJ, Cannon FS, Komarneni S, Voigt RC. Mechanisms of advanced oxidation processing on bentonite consumption reduction in foundry. Environmental Science & Technology 2005;39(19):7712-7718. R829581 (Final)
Journal Article Wang Y, Cannon FS, Neill D, Crawford K, Voigt RC, Furness JC, Glowacki CR. Effects of advanced oxidation treatment on green sand properties and emissions. Transactions of the American Foundry Society 2004;112(N 04-069):635-648. R829581 (2003)
R829581 (Final)