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Evaluation of Natural Amelioration of Acidic Deep Mine Discharges for Watershed Restoration
Grant Number R825794
RFA: Ecosystem Restoration (1997)
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Journal Article Lambert DC, McDonough KM, Dzombak DA. Long-term changes in quality of discharge water from abandoned underground coal mines in Uniontown Syncline, Fayette County, PA, USA. Water Research 2004;38(2):277-288. R825794 (Final)
Journal Article McDonough K, Lambert D, Mugunthan P, Dzombak D. Hydrologic and geochemical factors governing chemical evolution of discharges from an abandoned, flooded, underground coal mine network. Journal of Environmental Engineering 2005;131(4):643-650. R825794 (Final)
Journal Article Mugunthan P, McDonough KM, Dzombak DA. Geochemical approach to estimate the quality of water entering abandoned underground coalmines. Environmental Geology 2004;45(6):769-780. R825794 (Final)