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Air Pollutant Control Strategies in a Changing World
Grant Number R835873C004
RFA: Air, Climate And Energy (ACE) Centers: Science Supporting Solutions (2014)
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Journal Article Weis A, Jaramillo P, Michalek J. Consequential life cycle air emissions externalities for plug-in electric vehicles in the PJM interconnection. Environmental Research Letters 2016;11(2):024009 (12 pp.). R835873 (2016)
R835873C001 (2016)
R835873C004 (2016)
Journal Article Zhao Y, Saleh R, Saliba G, Presto AA, Gordon TD, Drozd GT, Goldstein AH, Donahue NM, Robinson AL. Reducing secondary organic aerosol formation from gasoline vehicle exhaust. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2017;114(27):6984-6989. R835873 (2016)
R835873C001 (2016)
R835873C004 (2016)
Journal Article Muller NZ. Environmental benefit-cost analysis and the national accounts. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis 2017;1-40 [Epub ahead of print]. R835873C004 (2016)
Journal Article Muller NZ, Jha A. Does environmental policy affect scaling laws between population and pollution? Evidence from American metropolitan areas. PLOS One 2017;12(8):e0181407 (15 pp.). R835873C004 (2016)