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Airway Epithelium Organotypic Culture as a Platform for AdverseOutcomesPathway Assessment of Engineered Nanomaterials
Grant Number R835738C001
RFA: Organotypic Culture Models for Predictive Toxicology Center (2013)
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Journal Article Cartwright MM, Schmuck SC, Corredor C, Wang B, Scoville DK, Chisholm CR, Wilkerson HW, Afsharinejad Z, Bammler TK, Posner JD, Shutthanandan V, Baer DR, Mitra S, Altemeier WA, Kavanagh TJ. The pulmonary inflammatory response to multiwalled carbon nanotubes is influenced by gender and glutathione synthesis. Redox Biology 2016;9:264-275. R835738 (2016)
R835738 (2017)
R835738 (2018)
R835738C001 (2016)
Journal Article Nolin JD, Lai Y, Ogden HL, Manicone AM, Murphy RC, An D, Frevert CW, Ghomashchi F, Naika GS, Gelb MH, Gauvreau GM, Piliponsky AM, Altemeier WA, Hallstrand TS. Secreted PLA2 group X orchestrates innate and adaptive immune responses to inhaled allergen. JCI Insight 2017;2(21):94929 (18 pp.). R835738 (2018)
R835738C001 (2017)
Journal Article Scoville DK, Botta D, Galdanes K, Schmuck SC, White CC, Stapleton PL, Bammler TK, MacDonald JW, Altemeier WA, Hernandez M, Kleeberger SR, Chen LC, Gordon T, Kavanagh TJ. Genetic determinants of susceptibility to silver nanoparticle-induced acute lung inflammation in mice. FASEB Journal 2017;31(10):4600-4611. R835738 (2017)
R835738 (2018)
R835738C001 (2017)
R835738C002 (2017)