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Tracking Semivolatile Organic Compounds Indoors: Merging Models and Field Sampling to Access Concentrations, Emissions, and Exposures
Grant Number R835641
RFA: New Methods in 21st Century Exposure Science (2013)
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Journal Article Alfonso‐Garrido J, Bennett DH, Parthasarathy S, Moschet C, Young TM, McKone TE. Exposure Assessment For Air‐To‐Skin Uptake of Semivolatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) Indoors. Environmental Science & Technology 2019;53(3):1608‐1616 R835641 (Final)
Journal Article Moschet C, Anumol T, Lew BM, Bennett DH Young TM. Household dust as a repository of chemical accumulation: New insights from a comprehensive high‐resolution mass spectrometry study. Environmental Science & Technology 2018;52(5):2878‐2887. R835641 (Final)
Journal Article Shin H-M, McKone TE, Bennett DH. Model framework for integrating multiple exposure pathways to chemicals in household cleaning products. Indoor Air 2017;27(4):829-839. R835641 (2016)
R835641 (2017)
R835641 (Final)