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Experimental Interventions to Facilitate Clean Cookstove Adoption, Promote Clean Indoor Air, and Mitigate Climate Change
Grant Number R835421
RFA: Measurements and Modeling for Quantifying Air Quality and Climatic Impacts of Residential Biomass or Coal Combustion for Cooking, Heating, and Lighting (2012)
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Journal Article Huang Y, Unger N, Storelvmo T, Harper K, Zheng Y, Heyes C. Global radiative effects of solid fuel cookstove aerosol emissions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2018;18(8):5219-5233. R835421 (2018)
Journal Article Jagadish A, Dwivedi P. In the hearth, on the mind: cultural consensus on fuelwood and cookstoves in the middle Himalayas of India. Energy Research & Social Science 2018;37:44-51. R835421 (2016)
R835421 (2018)
Journal Article Singh D, Pachauri S, Zerriffi H. Environmental payoffs of LPG cooking in India. Environmental Research Letters 2017;12(11):115003 (8 pp.). R835421 (2016)
R835421 (2018)