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Improving Air Quality, Health and the Environment Through Household Energy Interventions in the Tibetan Plateau
Grant Number R835422
RFA: Measurements and Modeling for Quantifying Air Quality and Climatic Impacts of Residential Biomass or Coal Combustion for Cooking, Heating, and Lighting (2012)
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Journal Article Archer-Nicholls S, Carter E, Kumar R, Xiao Q, Liu Y, Forstad J, Forouzanfar MH, Cohen A, Brauer M, Baumgartner J, Wiedinmyer C. The regional impacts of cooking and heating emissions on ambient air quality and disease burden in China. Environmental Science & Technology 2016;50(17):9416-9423. R835422 (2016)
Journal Article Carter E, Archer-Nicholls S, Ni K, Lai AM, Niu H, Secrest MH, Sauer SM, Schauer JJ, Ezzati M, Wiedinmyer C, Yang X, Baumgartner J. Seasonal and diurnal air pollution from residential cooking and space heating in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Environmental Science & Technology 2016;50(15):8353-8361. R835422 (2016)
Journal Article Clark S, Carter E, Shan M, Ni K, Niu H, Tsing JTW, Pattanayak SK, Jeuland M, Schauer JJ, Ezzati M, Wiedinmyer C, Yang X, Baumgartner J. Adoption and use of a semi-gasifier cooking and water heating stove and fuel intervention in the Tibetan Plateau, China. Environmental Research Letters 2017;12(7):075004. R835422 (2016)
Journal Article Ezzati M, Baumgartner JC. Household energy and health: where next for research and practice? The Lancet 2017;389(10065):130-132. R835422 (2016)
Journal Article Ni K, Carter E, Schauer JJ, Ezzati M, Zhang Y, Niu H, Lai AM, Shan M, Wang Y, Yang X, Baumgartner J. Seasonal variation in outdoor, indoor, and personal air pollution exposures of women using traditional wood stoves in the Tibetan Plateau: baseline assessment for an energy intervention study. Environment International 2016;94:449-457. R835422 (2016)
Journal Article Secrest MH, Schauer JJ, Carter EM, Lai AM, Wang Y, Shan M, Yang X, Zhang Y, Baumgartner J. The oxidative potential of PM2.5 exposures from indoor and outdoor sources in rural China. Science of the Total Environment 2016;571:1477-1489. R835422 (2016)