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Center for Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management

Grant Number R835142

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Reference Type Citation Progress Report Year Document Sources
Journal Article Leonard L, Duffy CJ. Essential Terrestrial Variable data workflows for distributed water resources modeling. Environmental Modelling & Software 2013;50:85-96. R835142 (2013)
R835142 (2015)
R835142 (Final)
Journal Article Yu X, Bhatt G, Duffy C, Shi Y. Parameterization for distributed watershed modeling using national data and evolutionary algorithm. Computers & Geosciences 2013:58;80-90. R835142 (2015)
R835142 (Final)
Journal Article Yu X, Duffy C, Zhang Y, Bhatt G, Shi Y. Virtual experiments guide calibration strategies for a real-world watershed application of coupled surface-subsurface modeling. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 2016;21(11):04016043. R835142 (2016)