Contact Information
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Name: Kyle R. Mankin
Location:Kansas State University
Phone:(785) 532-2911
Street Address:Natural Resources and Environmental Engineer
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Kansas State University
Zip Code:66502

Associated Project Details for: Kyle R. Mankin
R827589E03 An Integrated Approach to Characterize and Reduce Microbial Pathogens, Nutrients, and Sediment Transport in Runoff and Drinking Water Source Grant June 1, 1999 through March 30, 2003
R829418E03 Evaluation of Riparian Zones for Controlling Non-point Source Pollution in NE Kansas Grant September 24, 2001 through September 23, 2003
R831774 Integrating Economic and Biophysical Models to Assess the Impacts of Water Quality Trading Grant January 1, 2005 through December 31, 2008