Contact Information
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Name: Jerald L. Schnoor
Location:University of Iowa
Phone:(319) 335-5649
Street Address:4112 Seamans Center
City:Iowa City
Zip Code:52242

Associated Project Details for: Jerald L. Schnoor
R825549C034 Modeling the use of Plants in Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated by Hazardous Organic Substances Centers February 22, 1991 through May 17, 1994
R825549C044 The Role of Metallic Iron in the Biotransformation of Chlorinated Xenobiotics Centers August 13, 1993 through June 2, 2000
R825549C046 Fate and Transport of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides in Soil: The Impacts of Vegetation Centers August 16, 1993 through May 18, 1998
Principal Investigator:
R825549C008 Modeling Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate and Pesticide Contamination in the Subsurface Environment Centers February 1, 1989 through February 1, 1992
R825549C021 Deep-Rooted Poplar Trees as an Innovative Treatment Technology for Pesticide and Toxic Organics Removal from Soil and Groundwater Centers February 22, 1990 through February 1, 1993
R825549C036 Innovative Treatment and Bank Stabilization of Metals-Contaminated Soils and Tailings along Whitewood Creek, South Dakota Centers May 18, 1992 through May 17, 1994
R825549C042 Metals Soil Pollution and Vegetative Remediation Centers May 1, 1992 through May 1, 1996
R825549C060 Uptake of BTEX Compounds by Hybrid Poplar Trees in Hazardous Waste Remediation Centers May 18, 1997 through May 17, 2000