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Name: Richard Vogel
Location:Tufts University
Phone:(617) 627-4260
Street Address:Tufts University
Zip Code:02155

Associated Project Details for: Richard Vogel
R826888 A National Assessment of Low-Streamflow Estimation Using a Physically Based Statistical Methodology Grant September 1, 1998 through August 31, 2001
R827450 Infrastructure Systems, Services, and Climate Change: Integrated Impacts and Response Strategies for the Boston Metropolitan Area Grant September 14, 1999 through September 13, 2003
R830654 Improved Science and Decision Support for Managing Watershed Nutrient Loads Grant January 20, 2003 through January 19, 2006
X3832386 Integrating Water Supply Management and Ecological Flow Requirements Grant May 1, 2005 through April 30, 2008
Principal Investigator:
R824992 A National Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources Grant October 15, 1996 through October 14, 1999
SU832498 Application of Bioretention, Native Plants and Other Low Impact Storm water Management Strategies to Tufts University Grant September 30, 2005 through May 30, 2006